Friday, August 15, 2014

Wusthof In-Drawer 7-Slot Knife Storage Tray, Little awkward but good purchase in my opinion

The several days before. I'm looking for information on the Wusthof In-Drawer 7-Slot Knife Storage Tray, so i have to tell.

Wusthof In-Drawer 7-Slot Knife Storage

The Wusthof 7-Slot In-Drawer Knife Tray is perfect for storing and protecting your knives safely in a drawer. Wtih 7 slots there is enough room for all your favorite cooking knives. This knife block accomodates blades up to 10 inches in blade length and up to 3.5 inches in blade width.Features of the Wusthof 7-Slot In-Drawer Knife Block7 Slot Knife TrayAccomodates knives with .... Read more or Check Price

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It did not fit in the drawers of my apartment kitchen it is an inch too long. Since the place was built in the 70s are probably not standard drawers and I measured anything so. by Travellyr

Exactly what we needed. I hate things on my shelves so this was the perfect solution . by jdaisy104

It works well although some of my knives fit in a little ' clumsily and it is a bit ' difficult to understand where it is supposed to settle. by 'Kita

I have a drawer knife but knieves was slipping towards the back and literally chew my drawer. This fits perfectly and has really solved the problem. by Paradise


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